Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends 2022

This is an ultimate guide that will cover everything you need to know about healthcare mobile app development trends and development.

After the global pandemic, the healthcare mobile app development trends have increased at a tremendous speed. You will find many healthcare mobile apps providing telemedicine services as well as remote patient monitoring.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about mobile app development services. We will cover the telemedicine app development cost, healthcare mobile app development trends, and much more.

Table of Content

  •         Healthcare mobile app development trends
  •         Healthcare mobile apps Examples
  •         Telemedicine App Development Cost and Technology
  •         How to develop healthcare mobile apps?

Healthcare Mobile app development trends

We will start with the trends. This is the place where we will see what are the current trends that you need to keep in mind when you want to develop an online health care application.

#1 IoT and RPM

IoT stands for Internet of Things whereas RPM stands for Remote Patient Monitoring. These are the two most popular trends you will see today. RPM is an app that allows doctors to track the patient medical situation. The doctors can see the real-time data for the heart rate, pulse rate, and much more depending on the patient’s disease.

IoT is the technology that can be used here. Modern healthcare equipment comes with connectivity solutions. It transmits the data directly through the healthcare mobile apps. This is the core reason why you need an app for all your devices.Cross-platform mobile app development tools are a big savior when you want to develop apps for multiple platforms.

#2 AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine language are the next important trends to keep in mind. AI will allow doctors to get the data and manage the patient more effectively. As of now, the core use of AI is for chatbots and appointment booking. The AI will take the information and will allow the patient to schedule the appointment.

ML has a similar use. Collecting the data and using it for the AI to learn the medical reports automatically. This will not be widely used as medical reports varies from person to person. However, it can act as a helper.

#3 Big Data and EMR

EMR stands for Electronic Medical records. It’s one of the older healthcare mobile app development trends. So, you might be aware of it. Most of today’s healthcare mobile apps already have the EMR.

However, what the healthcare mobile apps don’t have is the big data. When the data gets bigger, it becomes harder to manage the data. That’s where big data tech comes into the picture. When you are going with the mobile app development Cost, make sure you mention the big data and implement it in your telemedicine app.

Healthcare mobile apps Examples

Now, we will have a look at the examples of a few health care mobile apps. You can implement the healthcare mobile app development trends in one of these apps easily.

Appointment and Consultation

The most common app you can get built is the appointment and consultation app. This type of telemedicine app development cost is the cheapest. Therefore, if you are running tight on budget, you can always get service for this.

This app allows the patients to book an appointment as per the doctor’s timeslot. Codefencers has developed Medeego which does a similar thing. You can have the appointment booking management in the simplest form.

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E-prescribing and Self-diagnosis solutions

The next telemedicine app development that includes big data and AI is self-diagnosis solutions. You can have mobile app development services that allow the patients to self-diagnosis. To begin with the app, you will have to go with the informative approach at first.

Before collecting the data, the app is just an informative app that allows the patients to self-diagnose as per their needs. This is yet another type of application that you can make. The app can easily get the prescription. The patient can also get self-diagnosis from the data the app has.

All-in-one App

The last option you have is the ultimate all-in-one app. You can easily set up a complete app for healthcare. There are many healthcare mobile apps that you can combine and create one app for everyone.

You can take a few healthcare mobile app development trends to create the app that you want. No doubt, the cost of Web Development Trends will increase over here. However, the results you are going to get will be incredible. Therefore, you can surely go with the all-in-one app approach.

For this, there are no specific features that you need to keep in mind. All you need to do is talk with the code team.

Telemedicine App Development Cost and Technology

When you go with the mobile app development services, it’s always better to have a rough idea about it.

Usually, when you go with the telemedicine app development cost, the developers charge based on the number of hours your app will take and the technology you are planning to develop the app.

If you are looking to develop the best app, you should always go with the cross-platform mobile app development tools such as Flutter.


Flutter is the new generation technology that allows you to have the same code for android, Windows, and IOS apps. Therefore, you can easily go with the Flutter. It was developed by Google. So, you can surely rely on the technology.

Hire Flutter Developers from Codefencers.

Further, you will not just need the Flutter developers. You will also need backend developers that will create the admin panel for you. This will allow the doctors and consultants to manage the admin side of the application.

Backend Tech

For admin, you can always go with the PHP Laravel or Python, or you can always go with the angular. The charges will depend on the tech you are planning to go with.

PHP will cost you less whereas Python will cost you more. So, you can always keep in mind the same thing and then select the tech.

Hire backend Developers from Codefencers


One of the healthcare mobile app development trends in the design part. You will have to focus on the user interface and user experience that will make them look better. Usually, the same company will be offering the graphic designers a swell. So, you can always rely on the same for the design part.

Even Codefencers has UI/UX designers who will create the wireframe and allow you to create the best one.

How to develop healthcare mobile apps?

Now that you know about the healthcare mobile app development trends and telemedicine app development costs, we will see how you can get started.

This is the section where you will see the quick guide on how to develop the app you want.

Phase 1: Knowing your Requirements

The first step s the know your requirements. This is the place where you will come to know how the app should be built. As we have seen in the examples of telemedicine apps, you will have to decide which type of app you want to build. Once you have known the type of app you are planning to build, you can continue to the features section.

You don’t just need to know about the type of app you are planning to build. But you will also have to determine the features of the app.

If you want to develop a high-tech app, you can also implement artificial intelligence and big data here. This will allow you to develop an advanced healthcare app. However, it will also cost you more as you will need advanced developers. You can talk with the company during the discovery call to get to know more about the same. This brings us to the next phase of the development.

Phase 2: Talks with the Healthcare app development company

The next step will be to get in talks with the software development company. Once you know the requirements, you should first schedule a discovery call with them.

The company will analyze your features and requirements and give you a complete estimation. The IT team will help you choose the right technology and then the team will get the work started.

You can discuss all the things here such as the time, updates frequency, etc.

Phase 3: Choosing Tech and Updates

The third phase is the place where you choose the technology. The software development team will help you here. However, if you are looking for some recommendations, here are a few.

For application, you can choose Flutter for Android and IOS apps. For the backend, you can always go with PHP or Python. These will allow you to have a solid admin side. Further, you will also need UI/UX designers.

Further, you can review the update whenever you have scheduled. When you have to develop a telemedicine app, it will take some time to develop depending on the features. So, it’s always better to keep an eye on what’s being developed by the team.

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