Must-have features in Telemedicine Application Development

These telemedicine app development features are extremely important when you are developing a healthcare app.

The recent global pandemic has changed a lot of things in the world, be it online education or getting treatment. There are more telemedicine solutions available than ever. Patients prefer to get the treatment or prescription online for small diseases other than going to a clinic or a hospital.

Therefore, the telemedicine app development trend comes into the picture. If you are not yet planning to build a telemedicine app, you are missing out a lot. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about the telemedicine app development feature. We will also get a rough idea of the cost to build a telehealth application.

Table of Content

  •         Overview of Telemedicine App Development
  •         Telemedicine app development feature list
  •         Examples of Telemedicine Development App
  •         Technologies to use in Telemedicine Development Solutions
  •         Telemedicine App Development Cost
  •         How to Build a Telemedicine App?

Overview of Telemedicine App Development

We will begin the guide with an overview. The main telemedicine app development feature is the one where the patient can get the consultation online without having to worry about a physical visit.

For example, if a patient is having a fever, they can contact the doctor online. The doctors can ask questions t get an idea about the diseases. Once the doctor has an idea, they can easily provide a prescription or they can ask the patient not to eat certain things. 

There can be a lot of things that you can change depending on the telemedicine app development feature list you have in your mind.

Let’s get to the main section.

Telemedicine app development feature list

Now, we will have a look at a few must-have features.

Easily Navigateable Dashboard

People often mess up the dashboard which may cause problems when they develop online health care applications. When a patient or the user comes to the dashboard, they should easily navigate to the entire app with ease. Not only the dashboard should have a user-friendly interface but it should also include the best user experience.

It’s always better to get the best UI/UX service before you head over to the app designing part.


Consultation or counseling is the core feature to keep in mind. You can include chat, voice call, video call, and even hybrid consultation depending on the type of app you want to develop. Usually, people will first prefer the text or voice call. Text is most suited as patients can easily chat with the doctor.

Appointment Management

Smart appointments with proper updates will help you save a lot of time as a medical representative. The doctor will have a proper idea of when the next patient is coming. If you want to develop an online health care app like Medeego, you will need to ask the telemedicine app development company to focus more on smart appointments.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

According to HealthIT, more than 75% of doctors say that medical records help them have proper engagement with their patients. This will also help the doctors to treat the patients better. EHR allows the doctor to have all the medical records at one click. Further, the app should also allow the patients to create an account and get past appointment details.

Treatment Details and Information

The telemedicine app development not only includes the “contact” features but also includes the informative details. The patient should also get treatment information or advice with just a few clicks. It should be easy to view as per the user’s need. For instance, if the user wants to get LASIK surgery, they should see the available treatment options.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a feature that many small healthcare apps forget to add. You should ensure that the patient can easily make the payment directly from the app. Even if you have developed a hybrid app where patients can also schedule in-clinic appointments, you can still add the payment gateway. It will make your work a lot easier.

Examples of Telemedicine Development App

We will now see a few examples of the apps.


Codefencers recently worked in a similar type of app called Medegoo. This is an appointment application where patients can book an appointment with the doctors. The doctors can set the time when they are available for the checkup or operation. The user can only book the slot when the doctor is available. 


Another most popular application these days will include the consultation app. These are the apps where the patients can chat with the doctors to get the solution to the problem. The most important thing here is the quality of the voice or video. So, you will have to specifically ask the telemedicine app development company to focus on the quality of the video and voice.

Multi-functionality app

The next type of app that is very much popular these days includes all the functionalities. It’s just like a multi-specialist hospital. The users can see the treatment details and even chat with the doctors if needed. You can add many custom functionalities here as per your need.

Technologies to use in Telemedicine Development Solutions

there are many technologies available to develop the applications. We will which is the preferred tech you can use to Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2022 like this.


Flutter is a cross-platform application where you will get the audio and IOS application directly from one code. The same code is reusable for multiple platforms. Flutter is developed by Google. Therefore, it’s a reliable technology you can use. It’s the technology of the future. So, if you are looking for a telemedicine app development company, you should prefer the company that focuses on Flutter.

For the backend, there are many languages you can use. It includes PHP (Laravel), Python (Django), etc. The backend will help you manage the admin side of the application. The telemedicine app development company will suggest to you the best backend tech used as per your requirements.

AI, IoT, and Big Data

If you are looking for advanced apps, you should also include AI/IoT. The telemedicine app development cost will increase if you go with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

AI can help you manage patients with a chatbot and get the appointments easily. It can also be recommended the treatment as per the patient’s need. Further, if you are looking to have a physical device that can help the patients with healthcare, you can implement IoT. With so much data flowing in, you will need to manage it properly.

Not all telemedicine apps will need this. However, if you are developing advanced apps, you must use artificial intelligence and big data. IoT depends on the type of healthcare application you want.

Telemedicine App Development Cost

Now, we will talk about the telemedicine app development cost. The total charges will depend on several things.

It includes

  •         Technologies you are using to build the app.
  •         The number of features you want.
  •         Type of developers you are looking for.
  •         The urgency of the project.

Depending on all these factors, you will get the telemedicine app development cost estimation. One can’t directly find the telemedicine app development cost without knowing and analyzing the features and technologies.

Usually, when you are developing an app for healthcare, there are various skilled people required.

To design the app, you will need the UI/UX team who will first create the screens of the app. Thereafter, it goes to the Flutter developers who will create the entire app based on that. In the next step, backend development is done. This is where the admin side is created. Last but not the least, there is a quality assurance team who will verify all the things before it gets published.

So, there are various development stages that you will have to go through. The telemedicine app development cost will depend on all these things.

How to Build a Telemedicine App?

Let’s move on to the last part where we will see how to build a telemedicine app. In this section, we will take you through the quick process of building the app.

At first, you need to have a basic idea about your app on what functionalities you will need. Once you have it, you will have to find a telemedicine app development company that has got the technology you need.

At Codefencers, we work on many technologies including Flutter, PHP, Python, and many more. We even have our in-house UI/UX Design team who will design the app layout for you. Therefore, you will have absolutely no issues with the entire process.

You can simply head over to our contact us page and enter the information. All you have to do is give us a quick brief on what are the features you will need and the urgency of the project. Once we get the information, our team will get back to you and we will discuss the app over a meeting.

In this way, you will have a perfect idea about the app you want to build.

Akshay Vekariya

Akshay Vekariya

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