Latest Web Development Trends to Follow

Looking for a digital transformation to your business. Get to know the latest web development trends in 2022 first to better understand the latest technologies and their impacts on your future business goals.

Technology has changed a lot over the years in web development. Remote working, new communication channels, etc. As the global economy is gradually dipping. It is forcing every business to focus on digital solutions to remain competitive.

Web development technology is more important than anything at this time. The good news is we are keeping up with the right web development trends, techniques, and approaches that are gaining popularity. But we must also know their impacts as well.

Wen developers explore new ways of innovating web technologies. And as a business owner, it’s important to know these changes and adapt to them as quickly as possible. To keep up with the competition, and attract more business.

Latest Web Development Trends to Follow

“So what are they? "What you can expect for 2022? How will web application development change and what areas do you need to focus on in 2022?


Let’s skip to the good part!

To make it easier for you, we have analyzed the shifts across industries and created an ultimate list of the latest web development trends to follow in 2022 and beyond. In this blog, we won't just discuss the top 10 trends but also their predicted impacts on your business.


Top 10 leading web development trends for 2022


  • Dark Mode Experience
  • Single Page Application
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • AI-powered Chatbots
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Voice Search Technology
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automation Testing
  • Motion UI


1. Dark Mode Experience

First thing first. I am writing this in chrome dark mode. Yes, we can’t leave the biggest trend in development when listing out the top web development ideas in 2022.


Dark mode reverses decades of default white UI design. It uses a low-light user interface (UI), with black color as the primary background color. The trend started in response to the increased screen time, followed by many medical pieces of research in the area.


If we put away all the crazy reasons We must admit that businesses are moving toward the dark mode to provide a better user experience with their software and applications. Dark mode experience is much popular amongst world-class brands like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Facebook by meta, and apple for obvious reasons.


Personally, we love this approach to design. With proven benefits as such:


  • The simple light-on-dark color scheme uses light-colored text, icons, and other UI elements on a dark background. Providing a cool black look on your applications and websites.
  • The use of the dark mode is a major shift in the design world, but, again, it’s not an approach that is going to work for every company.
  • Proven to help with eye strain, especially in low light or in nighttime situations. Perfect for readers and people working late at night.
  • Implementing dark mode will have a positive impact on the business key areas and user experience.



2. Single Page Application

Single page application or SPA is in the top 10 trends as the best way to get faster applications without weighing on your server capacity. Instead of a one-page website. SPAs are applications that make changes to a single page with their dynamic writing capabilities, with speed being the top advantage.


If you are looking for a seamless user experience and attractive appearance on your application. That too with regular dynamic changes to content and design part. Then single-page applications SPAs should be your choice to fulfill your requirements.


Benefits of Single page application:


  • Improved page performance without hitting on servers with quick loading time.
  • Excellent user experience standards with personalized offering privileges on a single page, simple layouts, easy navigation, adaptive format to all mobility devices.
  • Makes it easy to add advanced features to a web application when required.


Example- Top examples of single-page applications that are well known to all are Gmail, Netflix, Twitter, etc.


3. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Businesses are still exploring greater benefits of progressive web applications or PWA. As trends say there are many welcome discussions about progressive web apps lately amongst the new entrepreneurs.


Simply said, PWAs combine the best of online and mobile apps by deploying cutting-edge technologies. Provide progressive, responsive, safe, installable, and linkable app solutions. With the ability to enhance apps in plain JS, React polymer, Angular, and any other framework. Compared to native apps, they can evolve from pages in tabs to immersive, top-level apps, using less data storage. 


Benefits of Progressive web applications (PWAs)


  • Offline availability- PWSs are not bound to have an internet connection. Offer greater customer engagement opportunities self-contained web apps.
  • Progressive- PWSs are for everyone as they offer built-in progressive enhancement as their core feature.
  • Responsive - Build to fit all devices, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Provides superior user experiences compared to websites.
  • Mobile App-like- PWAs are designed like mobile applications, using the app shell model to provide mobile app-style navigations and interactions with web applications.


4. AI-powered Chatbots

AI is becoming one of the most emerging technologies. AI-powered chatbots are getting “smarter” over time. They are now more beneficial to your marketing, sales, and customer service operations. To establish automated communication with customers and offer exceptional chat support.


Still, wondering why companies are investing so heavily in chatbots? What is this virtual assistant capable of? and How they can better communicate with your customers?


“The chatbot market size is to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7%.”


5. Serverless Architecture

If you have heard of serverless architecture but don’t know why this is in the buzz. Here is a catch. Serverless computing or "function as a service (FaaS)" allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about servers. Yes, all work done, but with no in-house servers.


Serverless computing is an architecture, which doesn't require you to think about servers. Instead of the conventional ways of renting and setting up. It offers a more convenient economic model: "Pay as you go" based on the actual amount of resources consumed instead of pre-purchased needless hardware capacity.


Example- When you use AWS serverless computing, your application still runs on servers, but AWS manages the servers for you.



6. Voice Search Technology

Voice search technology has been trending for a while and is still not in the mainstream news this year. Though, voice recognition has a profound impact on online businesses globally. It also improves the experience of everybody and anybody on the internet.


Voice search technology lets users search their queries with the advent of smart AI assistants and speakers through voice commands. Business leaders are also adjusting their strategies to ease voice technology. If you are looking for more user-friendly features for mobility use in your application. You can try it out.


“By 2024, the global voice-based smart speaker market could be worth $30 billion.”


Example-  Global giants such as Google, Apple, and Amazon have made remarkable progress in the development of voice-search through machine learning algorithms.



7. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. It will have a huge impact on web development and designing technology by enabling more efficiency due to its many benefits like creating strong backend support for websites and improving privacy & security.


“IoT is a gold mine of the internet world, and we will have 152,200 IoT devices connecting to the internet per minute in 2025.”


Benefits of the Internet of things (IoT)


Creates a Robust Backend- IoT helps to create a strong backend for websites since the backend is the part of the website responsible for handling all the behind-the-scenes operations, such as handling data storage and processing requests.


Improves Privacy & Security- Besides improving website privacy and security, IoT can help identify and prevent cyberattacks by tracking the movement of devices and collecting information about users' activities.


Chatbot Integration- Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversations with human users They are ideal for businesses to interact with customers because they can answer quickly and accurately without requiring a dedicated support team.


Dynamic User Interfaces (UI)- User interfaces allow users to interact with the website and its content. By promoting dynamic user interfaces IoT tools can improve the UI design. To best adapt to the user’s needs.


IoT Improves Web Speed- WIth IoT You can quickly process information into valuable insights. That allows businesses to analyze the data in real-time and process it accordingly.



8. API-First Development

The idea of application development guided by an API-first approach in a modern business environment is becoming increasingly popular. App programming interfaces, or APIs, have been around since salesforce introduced them. Since the beginning of the SaaS model revolutions. And after 2 decades this technology holds tight to its reputation when the world is moving to the cloud and cloud-based services.


API-driven development allows programmers to design and build APIs first, then jump on to create the rest of an application around them. It is most commonly used to facilitate easier integration between systems and communication between the client, and a remote resource (for example, an API server) over the Internet.


Benefits of an API-first approach


Time and cost-saving - API lets developers focus on the rapid implementation of functionality to get real results and sturdy business value.

Parallel software development- The possibility of parallel software development, as  APIs can be developed and tested simultaneously.

Improved developer experience (DX)- Web API development creates an API that is well-designed, well documented, and consistent, for a seamless developer experience.

Accelerated development process with reduced risks- API-first approach allows businesses to optimize their total development time and cost.


9. Automation Testing

Every company developing a product has Tested in place which requires automation to keep up with the speed of development and software release. Given that manual testers are human, they will make mistakes. On the other hand, Testing is an essential part of product development that required much attention, especially to delivering a strong product and guaranteeing quality.


In particular, testers have to run comprehensive test cases fast, with perfect accuracy. Which might not be possible with manual testing alone. Automated testing is a key to seamless software development in 2021. One way they keep pace with agile development, and comprehensively verify their software for all possible bugs, by having rigorous tests that can be run quickly.


Benefits of Automated testing

Saving Costs- Even though automation can be quite expensive to set up in the initial stage, it is worth considering than manual testing, which also costs a lot more in the long run.


Saving time- By automating repetitive tests, developers and QAs have more time to work on activities that actually require their time and effort.


Faster tests and quicker results- Automation tools enable tests to be performed quickly and to produce accurate results in a short span. Agile life cycles are characterized by repeated and efficient feedback cycles that might be helpful to teams.


Detects bugs earlier- When a bug is discovered early on, it is usually fixable and has a minimal impact. Automated testing lowers the chances of making mistakes. Code patches are tested immediately after they are created.

Maximum ROI- Faster testing leads to faster results, thus accelerating time to market without compromising quality. Higher Return on Investment (ROI) results from accelerated time to market.


10. Motion UI

A website or app must have a strong design in order to deliver an engaging and functional user interface. Motion UI is quickly becoming the next big thing in online development after static design. An excellent way to refine a website is to use transitions and animations. Most importantly, it's trending for the year 2022.


It comes with pre-made motions and a range of effects that can be used in apps and websites as a CSS bundle. Transition effects for sliding, scaling, fading, hinges, and spinning are built-in to Motion UI. Giving developers a way to create motion in native apps. Those would be readily available and can be used in any project


Motion UI provides various benefits if done in the right amount


  • Built-in Transitions- Captivating transition effects using the dozens of transition classes in the Motion UI framework.
  • Custom Transitions- Allow users to create or set custom transition classes using Motion UI’s mixin library.
  • Developers heaven- Web developers could use Motion UI to create amazing effects by creating animated elements and embedding them into a website.



Word to conclude

As we have discussed the latest web development trends of 2022. That will transform the way businesses present themselves or connect with their audience. Still, choosing between the list of web development trends depends on your business requirements and how well you understand your audience. One thing is sure that each technology or trend holds a value of its kind and your business revenue and customer engagement can be increased by using each technology.


So that's it! We conclude here, And now the big decision is up to you. And In case you are stuck and need help.


We at CodeFencers represent a team of developers groomed in an environment of building the trendiest mobile applications and websites. We are a development company known to deliver high-quality mobile apps for all platforms and frameworks.


You can contact our experts to ask some of the most complex and common questions related to the major trends in web development and technologies. Moreover, you will learn how these trends can benefit your business.

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