Why Should Startups Invest In Android App Development

Looking to develop a business mobile app? Find out the benefits of investing in Android development. Which one is best for you? iOS or android Find out right here!

For startups, making the right technology choice is as crucial as finding the right life partner. It requires a great understanding on both sides. You and your potential customers.

Along with great startup ideas, you'll also need to ask lots of questions when you're considering developing an app for your business. 

Why would I invest in an android app when I already have a running website? What should I choose Android or IOS? Building an android app is costly for startups! Does my business need a mobile application to grow?  Will android app developers be able to serve our larger user base with their apps?

And many more

Why Should Startups Invest In Android App Development

With every business online today, mobility is the differentiating factor. Mobiles have overtaken desktops in no time. Since they did not compete for traffic in the beginning. This is a unique approach that can give your business an edge over competitors. 

Though, mobile apps are a great way for branding and making your brand popular among users. We also find a great diversity of purposes while looking out to build a mobile application.

As we still haven’t answered which app development platform we should invest in. 

Android or iOS

Since businesses have a great understanding of the change in customer behavior. The android app development challenges came to a successful end. All thanks to better data analytics and business intelligence expertise.

Over the past years, we have seen many companies amending their target approach. To focus on mobile-first presence for better customer reach.

Whether to create a better development environment for users,  well-connected with the business.  Or to find ways to overcome challenges.  Robust Android application development has proven to be fast and reliable every time.

Still, both users and organizations are in a great dilemma. Whether to choose an android or iOS or both for their business.

Since the iOS operating system is a closed system. That was created specifically by Apple for its own devices. It has its limitations. It is higher in cost, rarely scalable, and irreplaceable. iOS will only be worth it when choosing for the long term.

Android development involves fewer complications than iOS development. Which results in an early market entry for the app.

Needless to say, the android application development service is cost-friendly, scalable, and covers around 70% of the total app development market. This is why targeting Android should be a top choice for startups.

"It's not all doom and gloom,"

The investment process is not something you can take lightly. It is a complicated one. All technologies are good and bad. It depends on what you want to do with them, and it's is your expertise which will help you decide. That can also need a well-defined scope of capabilities and limitations as a business.

Let’s find out why you should invest in android when you are getting started with mobile app development. Its benefits and why it is so popular.

Benefits of investing in android app development

Innovation is trending

Solving a major problem has always been a top business model for every industry. Since the beginning of the technology era. Innovation and change were among the top reasons for business growth.

By the continually rising number of mobile users. The need for innovation also finds its way through mobile apps. This method worked really well for encouraging people to see things in a simple way.

And with a greater number of android smartphones user. in the initial stages.  in the market. Most businesses either prefer getting a top-notch Android app developed first, or they choose cross-platform app development.

The mobility factor

The mobility factor of Android phones is shaping the industries in the market. In the mobile-dominated era, the desktop practice has outpaced, and the gap is expanding day by day. Modern mobile phones have evolved dramatically.

Mobility tools gained mainstream popularity with the introduction of smartphones. With the potential to provide smart computing capabilities. And to become a central information and communication tool for the modern you.

As the percentage of smartphone users will continue to grow. Developing Android app solutions is the best business decision startups can make for their growth.

Attract a Global Audience / Global App distribution

With hundreds and thousands of apps being downloaded in a day from the google play store. Learning the technicalities behind robust apps can lead to successful business ideas.

As an open platform, Android offers different distribution options. You don’t have to use a particular distribution platform to distribute your apps to users. Another fact on why android application development is the most profitable market to target.

You can publish your app on the Google Play store in just a few clicks. Make it available to be downloaded for a global audience of more than 1 billion active users.

Free/Open Source Platform

Unlike iOS, Android is an open-source operating system offering its services for mobile devices, tabs, and smart wearable. Android opensource project(AOSP) led by Google is open for everyone. But what does this mean?

This means it is available for anyone to do with what they wish. Free tools and software development kits (SDKs) you need to develop a high-performing android app. And that's not even counting all the things that android has. This is saving a lot of overhead costs for you.

With top-notch Android application development services, you have great control over when you want to publish the app and can even choose your target audience in terms of whether you wish to target specific segments or global users.

You have full control in the market with your app and can drive your business efficiently, as you can charge users for the app or give it away for free. For Android, you can always deliver your app to users directly through your website, instead of publishing it on the Play Store.

Higher Return of Investments (ROI)

In spite of the fact that 95% of all apps are available for free, which means choosing Android would technically mean lower per-user revenue, at least according to these statistics.

Android platforms are still your most trusted source of pursuing actionable data, information, products, and services, to make an earning out of that.

Among the world's billions of smartphone users, Android has become the most used operating system guaranteeing efficiency and growth in investments.

While there will be more considerable reasons for you to choose the best android app development services. But one thing you can be sure of is that whatever your business needs may be, Android will handle them correctly.

Low Development Costs

Starting up a business in the market takes a lot of money, time, effort, and perseverance. This is why many startups turning to Android app development is a smart decision.

Using technologies such as Facebook's React Native and Google's Flutter can significantly make android app development cost-effective for the new players in the market.

Overall, android app development cost varies on a lot of factors and it can anything between $15 to $100 per hour or higher. The hourly rate largely depends on the expert's years of experience and app intricacies. The more an expert has in the field, or the higher the rate is.

Apart from these charges, Also it costs 25$ compared to 100$ to have your app on the Google Play Store. It may not seem like much, but for someone who is betting a lot on their startup, it may be a lot. But in my experience of 5 years, it is much cheaper than the cost of developing an iOS app.

Easily Available Resources

Google knows exactly what mobile users need these days with smartphones. By allowing the use of third-party apps in building robust Android applications. A feature is exclusive to Google Play apps. Developers can use SDKs as a means of interfacing with the APIs that were created and developed to build and develop applications.

Android applications use interfaces to implement certain functionality. Resources like these are essential when creating an Android app. Thanks to Google and third-party developers, android has this exceptionally large ecosystem and an active developers community.

Unlike iOS developers, Android app developers can be easily found comparably at low prices, especially considering their experience and quality of work.

  • Increased Productivity of The Workforce

Increased productivity means that a company is achieving more tasks with fewer resources and greater efficiency from its workforce. Android application development is another way to achieve this.

With better customization availabilities, you can get an app that’s unique to your business, can be customized and tailored to your specific needs. Offers user-friendly features for users. Also, that can measure all the elements responsible to enhance productivity and what aspects of your business are operating at low efficiency.

Sounds interesting right? Why not try yourself.

Easy Integration

The development of mobile apps has its challenges. Like any software, an app contains many internal components. Android app development makes this integration seamless without straining the mobile device in terms of computation power and memory usage.

Android app development companies can offer customizations of Android apps to suit your needs. They can also help to integrate Android apps into your existing systems to meet the all requirements of the company. The APIs ease the developer’s pain by providing improved integration features for better communication between departments.

Designing for Android users is much easier, and the user base is more accessible. Users are familiar with a variety of devices and embedded widgets, so there is little need for any rules, and users are likely to love it if you do it the right way.

Effective Marketing Plans

Did you know that an average of 4375 apps are released every day in the Google Play Store, while an average of 2′082 apps is released on the Apple App Store every day?

Yes, the largest app store to market your app with billions of users. As we discussed earlier, a wider audience is one of the reasons that Android dominates at about 75% market share, compared to the Apple app store.

Choosing Android as the landing platform for your app is a smart choice. Isn’t it?

Androids tend to attract both the young and old generation, thanks to their simplicity to use and their luxurious devices.

By making use of the Android platform, businesses can reach out to a much larger audience. They can send push notifications about an upcoming sale, discount code, promo, and a lot more, which will lead to increased profits.

“currently 2.8 million apps available in the Google Play Store’’_busiessofapps

Great User Experience

You can put your business in your clients' hands with a mobile app. Your business will reach your clients more efficiently than ever before. Your customers can get in touch with your staff directly for whatever they need.

Also, they have access to all the content you publish about your product or service. Find out about product reviews, receive notifications about offers and announcements, and a whole lot more.

Android apps offer a seamless, easy-to-use interface. That takes up less space on the server, faster to run, strong enough to handle online traffic, etc. The all-in-one experience of the best android apps helps convert visitors into potential customers. This also helps in improving the relationships between consumers and businesses.

“There are over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide_ Statista

End words

Many businesses would find Android to be the best solution, and it is indeed. Android is unquestionably one of the best platforms when planning to get business apps. The above benefits are meant to help you understand the android app development platforms if you are looking to get an app business.

While we did not intend to compare Android with other operating systems as all available operating systems vary in the way they are utilized and not for a mere observation. The comparison between iOS and Android platforms was only to provide accurate information about the cost, not their efficiency.

We hope we were able to give you enough insight on why you should invest in android as your top choice for business app development.

Still, have doubts?

Reach out to us with all your questions, and talk to experts.


An in-depth comparison between Android app development and iOS app development will be available in our upcoming blog post. So stay tuned.

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