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INVC is a vaccination center project for covid-19. Distributing and giving so many vaccines to these many citizens was a big problem. The vaccination center is not just limited to the covid-19. It’s also available for all the other vaccines that one might require. The app and website are developed by CodeFencers where we have made online appointments easier and better.

Concept Type Concept Type

Vaccination Booking App

Platform Platform

Androd, iOS, Web

Estimation Time Estimation Time

3 Months

Dedicated Team Dedicated Team

7 Members

Shopcorner eCommerce Application
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INVC Apna Vaccination Center

INVC is India’s first comprehensive Vaccination service provider. The concept of the project is to add all the information available about vaccination awareness and add it to the project in the best way possible.

The users can find the vaccines by age or they can enter the diseases and find the vaccine doses available for that particular device. The platform also allows the user to get educated about the vaccines. Once you take the vaccine, all the data will be available on the website as well as on the app in your account.

Shopcorner eCommerce Application

Project Concept

The project concept was to allow users to book the vaccine slot by age or disease. Along with this, the client also wanted to add the services they provide to the website. The app needed to show all the services on the homepage.

Our Challenges

Our task was to give the best user interface with proper performance. The user should be able to book the slot without any issues. Once they book it, they should see the data with proper security protocols as they are sensitive information.

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Onboadrding App

The onboarding was made simple and easy. It was a quick drive to how people can find the vaccines they need. It was just a 3-step onboarding with all the information the user will need.

Onboadrding App
Onboadrding App
Onboadrding App
shopcorner branding

Login Area

The user should then be able to log in to the account and start using the app as they need. If they don’t have an account, they can register with ease.

Login Area
Login Area
Login Area

Main App Screen

One can see the booking information directly in the first section. As they scroll below, they can also see different services available in the Apna vaccination center.

Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen

Wireframe & Screen

We created the wireframe and other screens. If the user wants to book the slot, they are provided with the proper calendar-based view. You can see all the screens below.

Wireframe Image Design

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Technology Stack

Besides an m-wallet app development team, the technology stack plays a significant part in the app's success.


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