Healthcare App Development

HealU is a complete app solution for medical and self-care. The app allows the customers to order healthy food and medicines, and also book an appointment when needed. The app not only allows you to order online but also provides a complete plan for your fitness and health. You can track your daily activities with the Healu app. If you are facing any issues, you can also book a doctor’s appointment online or go to the therapy section.

Concept Type Concept Type

Healthcare App Development

Platform Platform

Androd, iOS

Estimation Time Estimation Time

6 Months

Dedicated Team Dedicated Team

10 Members

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All-in-one Healthcare app: HealU

HealU's project was t provide a quick solution to the customers who want to get healthier by eating healthy, working out daily, and having a properly planned routine. To achieve that, our goal was to develop an easy-to-use app where users can quickly see the routine or plan they need to follow. If needed, the app also allowed them to order healthy food online.

The client wanted an app that has an eCommerce facility as well as it had an informative approach to the plans. Along with this, they needed features to track daily activities.

Shopcorner eCommerce Application

Project Concept

An all-in-one healthcare app where users can see the plans, track their daily activities, book an appointment with the doctor, and also order stuff online if they need it. It includes various other features that a healthcare app has.

Our Challenges

Our core challenge was to maintain the speed and proper navigation while we implement all the features. The features were complex but the interface had to be slick and easy to use. Maintaining speed across all the features was the important part where we had to use minimum API calls to give users what they wanted.

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Onboadrding App

The first step was to onboard users and teach them the overview of the features and how Healu can help them.

Onboadrding App
Onboadrding App
Onboadrding App
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Login Area

One can enter all their details. The client also needed a referral code field. As soon as they enter the details, the phone number is verified with the OTP.

Login Area
Login Area
Login Area

Main App Screen

The main screen app for Healu has all the features listed in the grid format as it’s easier to find the right choice. In the bottom tabs, the users can navigate their personal information and also ask for support when needed.

Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen

Wireframe & Screen

We designed a wireframe that makes navigation easier for the user. Thereafter, we made the UI keeping in mind the UX.

Wireframe Image Design

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Technology Stack

Besides an m-wallet app development team, the technology stack plays a significant part in the app's success.


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