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Shopcorner is a preeminent and leading e-commerce app worldwide, facilitates a phenomenal shopping experience for its users. This app is faster and user-friendly and enables you to filter and search a wide range of products on several dimensions with just a few clicks from the comfort of your space. It offers various secured payment gateways for quick checkouts and getting the latest update on your order status.

Concept Type Concept Type

eCommerce App Development

Platform Platform

Androd, iOS, Web

Estimation Time Estimation Time

3 Months

Dedicated Team Dedicated Team

6 Members

Shopcorner eCommerce Application
shopcorner branding

Shopcorner eCommerce Application

Shopcorner is one of the leading e-Commerce applications offering a user-friendly experience for both iOS and Android users. This app is specifically designed with intuitive screen graphics, a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. The app enables the users to get offer and discount alerts. The visitors can scan the items using the barcode scanner and share them with their family or friends.

This app provides its users with a rich shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. It not only facilitates them to get access to the nearest store inventory but navigate and buy products from their app easily. This is what makes it the leading and best eCommerce application.

Shopcorner eCommerce Application

Project Concept

The Mobile Wallet app development concept requires developing an app that allows users to pay and receive money instantly using their existing bank accounts or simply by adding their card details.

Our Challenges

The money transfer app development needs to have a security system to detect fraud and prevent hacking while safeguarding users' accounts with necessary authentication. Besides, the wallet app needs a slick user interface with pleasing colors that blend with intuitive navigational elements, preserving a minimalistic approach.

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Onboadrding App

As soon as the users run the app, it shows how to use the interface and use the features of the app smoothly.

Onboadrding App
Onboadrding App
Onboadrding App
shopcorner branding

Login Area

The login area is simplified as the user can register by adding their email address, contact details and password. The login area is fast and a one-time process to make it hassle-free.

Login Area
Login Area
Login Area

Main App Screen

The main app screen displays the diverse collections of products, discounts, earned rewards, recent transactions, etc. Everything is available on the main app screen with just one click.

Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen
Main App Screen

Wireframe & Screen

The schematic wireframe of the app is simple and user-friendly to make the shopping experience for the users smooth.

Wireframe Image Design

Best Shopping App: A Personalised eCommerce App, You Would not Want to Slip Out on

Technology Stack

Besides an m-wallet app development team, the technology stack plays a significant part in the app's success.


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