How mobile apps can help your business to grow in 2021

In the last decade, technology has taken a giant leap. Gone are those days when people used to rely on offline channels and a couple of online platforms for entertainment, services, and products. When most of the businesses used to operate in a very restricted, monotonous, and traditional manner. With the arrival of mobile technology and applications, things have changed drastically. In today’s world, modern smartphones are taking the world by storm. Unlike laptops and desktops, smartphones are portable, easy to carry, and loaded with thousands of applications to use round the clock anywhere and at any time without facing any kind of lag. One can easily connect to the virtual world with the help of several applications within a few clicks. Undoubtedly, mobile applications are playing a great role in the rising popularity of smartphones. Without applications, a smartphone loses it’s relevance.

Nowadays, mobile apps are not only restricted to companies or big establishments. In fact, many start-ups, aspiring entrepreneurs, and creative business developers are using it as a tool to spread their presence all in the applications world through Android and iOS app stores. In fact, the recent technology reports suggest that mobile app users outnumber desktop users by a great margin. In the last couple of years, mobile traffic has gone up by manifold. Thus, mobile apps are literally helping businesses to grow in 2021.

How mobile apps can help your business to grow?


If you are still in dilemma about making a mobile app for your business or venture then here are some of the best reasons why should you invest in a mobile app.

  • It helps you to create brand awareness

This is the best reason behind investing in a mobile app. If you want to create brand awareness then it is the best platform to use. With the help of marketing strategy and plans, you can target mobile users to a great extent. It will help your brand to come in the highlight of a mobile screen. Knowing the fact that most people are using mobile phones and application stores, a mobile app will help you to get in touch with millions of mobile users in one go.

  • It helps your clients and customers to approach you easily

Knowing the fact that mobile has become a go-to device in the modern age, creating an app for your business will help your clients and customers to reach you easily round the clock. With an eye-catching interface, they can easily get you anytime. All you need to do is to feed your mobile app with the best and precise information about your services, products, and features.

  • It helps you to shoot up sales

Modern utility, e-commerce, or other apps are so flexible, user-friendly, and feature-loaded that they can boost your sales easily. You can run a variety of promotions, offers, discounts, and rewards targeting different customer bases.

  • It helps you to build loyalty and trust

No business can run without trust and loyalty. They are the pillars for any business. The best part of the mobile app is that you can easily get in touch with your clients and customers. You can read their reviews, suggestions, and problems. You can also run a loyalty program for all those customers who have been with you since day one. In this way, you can build the trust and loyalty of your customers. In fact, customers and clients will also feel good about getting rewarded from time to time.

  • You can offer a better brand experience to customers

Every modern customer lookup to an app. They want an app to simplify their task. Hence, a brand with an app can offer a better customer experience. With an app, you can send notifications to your customers about new offers, services, products, etc round the clock. They can also get their hands on them without beating around the bush. In fact, modern apps allow you to set up an automated alert to ask for feedback or rating in order to enhance your quality service. An app is the best way to know where do you stand and how can you improve.

  • It is a powerful marketing tool of the modern age

No doubt, a mobile application is the most powerful marketing tool of the modern world. Modern apps can easily be integrated with some of the most popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Within a few clicks, your existing customers can get you, new customers, on social media sites by sharing their reviews and experience. It acts as free publicity without spending on any marketing tool. In fact, modern apps also allow you to send push notifications about your latest promotions and events.

  • It can help you to generate income

If you are into a service industry then you can come up with an order fulfillment application that helps users to book their orders, tickets, and the rest of the things. You can also charge users for upgrading the app or to use advanced features. There are many entertainment apps that offer free as well as paid services and products. They are making a good amount of money with their excellent content and products. For quality products and services, users don’t mind paying charges.

  • An app can reduce the operational cost to a great extent

Operational problems often lead to losses for any business. And one has to invest a lot of money in operations. However, a mobile app can enhance operational efficiency and communication to a great extent. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in manpower and other things. Just build an excellent and powerful app that can offer seamless and effective services to the customers round the clock.

  • A great way to monetize and ripe fruits

The modern market is so competitive that you need to have a creative idea to retain in the business. Those who don’t have huge funds to invest can simply create an app to start their e-commerce store. Startups and small businesses often get into the tension of being popular. However, building an app gives you the right amount of footage, popularity, and presence in the online market. With the help of an efficient mobile app, you can offer incredible services to the customers to get noticed easily.

  • Mobile apps offer more data security and confidence to customers

With the rising number of fraudulent activities online, customers don’t feel safe using any random online website. They rather prefer to use a mobile app because the data is stored in their own device and they feel safe. In fact, modern apps also offer customers a biometric authentication feature to add an enhanced layer of security and safety. Most of the customers nowadays rely on mobile payment options like PayPal, etc to get the enhanced security.

  • An app offers a personalized service that customers like

This is one of the best features that a mobile app offers to a customer. Every customer nowadays loves to have a personalized service round the clock. A mobile app lets users customize products and services as per their own preference. In fact, it helps your business to get into better engagement with customers that leads to a higher conversion rate.

  • A mobile app acts as a boon for on-demand businesses

If you are running a small or on-demand business then a mobile app will help you to serve your cleints and customers in an efficient manner. During this COVID-19 pandemic, offline stores are facing losses. Thus, many small businesses have moved online. And creating an app in such a pandemic will boost your clientele and sales to a great extent. There has been a surge in logistic as well as food delivery apps in the last year. Knowing the fact that they cant go out of their homes during this pandemic, it has become a great opportunity for small businesses to start their food or on-demand online business through an efficient mobile app.

  • A mobile app offers better and enhanced UX than desktop apps

Modern mobile users want quick results without any lag. And mobile apps are capable enough to offer technology-driven features, lag-free user experience, and better UX design to amplify their app experience. In fact, one can also connect their mobile phones with the latest series of smartwatches.


Let’s quickly understand the process of the mobile application development process

What is a mobile app?

It is an application that is designed to run on smartphones or tablets. They are small in size and features but manage to offer the best services and experience to customers. Every mobile app nowadays offers a specific function or restricted functionality to give your an effective and efficient user experience. For instance, a mobile web browser, a game, call recorder, etc.

What’s mobile app development?

It is basically a process to design software in accordance with the mobile’s software and hardware. To develop an app, one requires mobile application development and technical expertise.

What to consider before developing an app for your business?

  • Plan your app

Pay attention to the objective of your app. It is important to prepare an outline and details to get the best final product.

  • Pick your target

Don’t just beat around the bush. It’s very important to know your target audience. Before building an app make sure to pick the category and look into the competition. Try to make an app that can be used by every user to fetch profits and grow your business.

  • Add social media and customization

We are living in the age of social media. So make sure to integrate social media tools into your app for better reach. Also, add customizing features to make your app interesting and an instant hit among users.

  • Pick the best developer

It is very important to approach an experienced and creative developer who can offer a futuristic app that can fetch you good results.  The developer must be aware of how to make mobile apps to get the best results. Ask him to use the best language for app development


Different types of mobile applications?

Modern mobile applications come in various sizes and shapes catering to all types of businesses and services. Some of the popular mobile apps in the market are:

  • Educational apps:These apps are designed to help mobile users to grab an essential dose of knowledge or skills. It could be a language learning app, special coaching app, or online tuition service app. Today, many educational apps have become a big rage among students as well as teachers.
  • Lifestyle apps: These are basically fashion, dating, workout, and health-related apps where you can find out ways to improve your personal lifestyle.
  • Entertainment apps: These apps are meant to entertain users. You can find out video and audio content, events, social chat rooms, social pages, etc. Some of the popular entertainment apps today are Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Instagram. All these are entertainment apps known all across the world.
  • Utility apps: These apps are designed for a particular task that we often perform every day. For instance, calculator, barcode scanner, health apps, etc. The session time of the users at these apps is quite shorter than other apps.
  • Travel apps: These apps are basically based on traveling tips, travel bookings, guiding you about the places in order to make your travel a piece of cake. You can find out a plethora of booking apps.
  • Business apps: These apps are basically designed to enhance your productivity to a great extent. You can find out many booking apps, tracking apps, or software apps to enhance your productivity.
  • Gaming apps:You can find out many mobile gaming apps that are ruling the smartphone world. These are the most popular apps in the mobile world.


The portability, simplicity, and effectiveness of a mobile app drive users crazy. This is the age of mobile apps because 9 out of 10 people are using smartphones. Since smartphones have become a go-to device for most users across the world, mobile apps can help you to establish and grow your business to the manifold. An effective and user-friendly app will surely enhance the productivity, efficiency, and reputation of your business tenfold.

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